Increase interaction

Send mass messages individually, from your phone number, to increase client response rate.

Unlimited texting

We do not charge you per text. Use your unlimited texting plan that comes with your cellular provider.

Blazing fast!

Reach app has a simple UI. And it is the only app that can load 5,000 contacts in a few seconds.

How does it work?

Watch this video to see Reach - Mass Texting app in action

What you get?

Reach - Mass Texting app is packed with incredible features

Your Phone Number

Keep your phone number so that your contacts may recognize you.

Google Voice Support

Mass text with Google Voice for free. This feature adds capability to send all messages in one tap.

Auto-Translate Messages

Automatically translate the messages per recipient, so that you can send one message to a multi-lingual group.

iMessage Support

Send mass iMessages with photo and video attachments.

Mass Texting Features
Simple to Use

We've designed Reach with simplicity in mind. Upon the first launch, our unique arrow-tutorial will help you send your first text.

Can Handle 20,000 Contacts

Load, filter and search through all your contacts in seconds.

One Tap - Send all

Mass message all your texts in one go.
* Only available while using the Google Voice integration feature


Try the app for free before upgrading to the unlimited version


A limited plan for individuals & enthusiasts



Get started free

  • Limited to 2 groups
  • Limited to 8 contacts


Unlimited plan for businesses & leaders


per month

Try Now

  • Unlimited groups
  • Unlimited contacts
  • Customer support
  • Google Voice integration
  • Automatic message translation
  • Unlimited backups in the Cloud

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