1. Add a group

  • Tap Groups on the bottom toolbar
  • Tap +
  • Type the group name and tap CreateThis name will only be visible to you and will help you keep contacts organized (i.e., Class of ’09, Friends, Family)
  • Tap + and select your first contact
  • Tap Add and then Done
Reach App Groups Screen
Reach - New Message Screen

2. Write a Message

  • Tap Messages on the bottom toolbar
  • Tap Compose button Compose Button
  • Type your message
  • Tap the Name button. You will see “@” sign inserted in your text. It will be replaced with the recipient’s name when you send it.
  • Type the subject (Optional. Only needed if this message will be sent by e-mail)
  • Tap Done

3. Send Mass Text

  • Tap Send button Send Button
  • [If you have only one group, skip this step] Select the group to send this message to
  • Tap Send button again Send Button to start sending
  • Reach will prewrite each text for you; You’ll just need to press Send each time, learn why
Send Mass Text on iPhone