What is the difference between the Free and the Unlimited versions?

We made the free version to have all of the functionalities as the unlimited so you can take the Reach app for a test drive. However, the free version is limited to two groups and eight contacts. It means that you will be able to send messages to no more than eight people at a time. Once you upgrade to the Unlimited version, you will be able to add as many contacts as you wish.

Please note that in the Unlimited version you are still required to tap ‘Send’ button for each message when the Google Integration feature had not been set up.

Why do I need to tap ‘Send’ for each text that is being sent out?

Apple has tight iOS security, which honestly is good for all of us, but it means Reach cannot auto-send multiple messages by pressing send just once. In fact, there is no other app in the App Store that can do this, because it violates Apple’s policy of the iMessage app usage.

The good news is, we’ve built Google Voice integration into Reach, enabling you to send free* messages to your entire contact group by pressing send just once.

Is it possible to import contacts into Reach app?

Yes. You can import contacts from a pre-formatted CSV file. To learn more click here

Is there a contract for the Unlimited subscription?

No. You are free to cancel the subscription auto-renewal at any time. After canceling, you will still be able to use Reach Unlimited features for the month which you paid for.