1. Prepare the CSV File

Example CSV File  (Download)

Optional fields: Nickname, Relationship, Via
JosephDoeJoeCustomer+1 555 555 5555Text
GeorgeStallGeorgyFriend+1 555 123 1234

The CSV should have these columns:

  • First
  • Last
  • Nickname – used when writing messages.
  • Relationship – intended to address the recipient by association (i.e., client, friend, brother, etc.) but could be used for anything.
  • Address – the actual email address/phone.
  • Via – the medium through which to send the message. You may leave this field blank or provide one of the following: Text, Email, WhatsApp, iMessage, or GVoice.

You may download this Excel Template template then export it as CSV

Upload the CSV file to the Cloud storage of your choice (i.e., iCloud Drive, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.)

Reach App Groups Screen

2. Add a Group

  • Tap Groups on the bottom toolbar
  • Tap +
  • Type the group name and tap Create. This name will only be visible to you and will help you keep contacts organized (i.e. Class of ’09, Friends, Family)

3. Import The CSV File

  • Tap the Folder button on the top toolbar
  • Tap Import CSV button
  • Select the CSV File from your iCloud drive, Google Drive, or Dropbox
Import CSV in Reach App