How many text messages can I send with Google Voice before reaching a limit?

Google Voice is a free calling and texting service from Google. Some bad players abuse the free platform for spam, and hence Google put a few anti-spam measurements in place. However, this anti-spam system can affect the users who send texts in good faith too.

In this article, we will explain what decreases the sending limit, how to avoid reaching it, and what to do when your account is locked.

Disclaimer: The information contained in this article is not associated with Google and is not legally binding. Using the information in this article to increase spam activity is illegal. The Google Voice is a free platform which works great for many of our customers. Please respect the limitations it comes with and use the information provided below in good faith. 

General rules:

  1. There is no preset limit to how many texts you can send.
  2. Each account has its own limit. We’ve seen reports of accounts being locked after 20 messages. But we’ve also seen reports of accounts which send over 400 texts each day and were never locked.

What Decreases the Sending Limit?

  1. Links in a message. The Google anti-spam bot considers links in a message as spam.
  2. Lack of replies. Especially for new accounts.
  3. Identical message sent to many users.
  4. Fresh account with no ‘good reputation’.
  5. Fast sending speed. Even though Reach app is designed to send in a rate which should not trigger this rule (about 1.5 seconds per text), for newer accounts, or for accounts without a good reputation, even 1.5 seconds per text could be too fast when sending out to a large number of contacts.

How to Increase the Sending Limit?

  1. Do not include links in your messages.
  2. Increase the reply rate by asking a question at the end of your message.
  3. Use the ‘@ Name Template’ feature in the Reach app so that each sent message is unique per recipient.
  4. It appears that the older your account gets without reaching the limit, the more texts you will be able to send.
  5. Break down large recipient groups into smaller groups, and wait a few minutes or for a few replies between sending texts to each group.

What to Do When the Limit is Reached?

  1. Wait for 24hrs before sending again.
  2. Use another Google Voice account.

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